There's only one passion more uncontrollable than love.


You're at a department store sale digging through racks of clothes along with many other rabid shoppers. You spot a DKNY suede jacket that's to die for. Oh my god! It's a size 10. Your size! Just then a woman on the other side of the rack yanks it out of your hands and takes off with it. You go after her and say firmly, "Excuse me, I was about to buy that jacket." She turns on you like a rabid jackal and says, "Back off, bitch!" You're boiling mad. What do you do?

a. Go to the coffee shop and console yourself with a triple mocha.

b. Follow her out to the parking lot and punch her lights out.

c. Follow her into the changing room and listen till you hear her take off her dress and hang it on the door. Find a stool to stand on and reach over the door, take the dress off the hook and walk off with it. Hide it somewhere in the store. (You don't want to be charged with theft.) Then leave with dignity telling yourself suede costs a fortune in cleaning bills anyway.

d. Throw a tantrum and yell and scream until the store manager intercedes and either gets your jacket back or has you thrown out of the store.


  1. Хаха, даже не знаю, какой из вариантов выбрать, но наверно не а)
    Все девушки очень хороши, особенно первые!

  2. wonderful!


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